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How to Use AirJector®

The AirJector® is a practical, easy-to-use product. You only need the AirJector® system and a cup of hot water to be prepared for a fully effective treatment. No external power source, technician, special setup, or installation is required. Just open the package, and carefully read and follow the “Instructions for Use” in the Owner’s Manual.





  • Applies various medical gases, gas mixtures, or aerosolized solutions for the prevention and treatment of various chronic conditions. Each medical gas produces different physiological effects and, thus, treats different medical conditions.


The AirJector® device was designed to deliver all gaseous solutions and mixtures, with an indicator identifying the type of medical gas in use by ISO color codes of medical gases

_L2A8138 (2)



  • The various sizes of AirCapsules® enable the user to apply different amounts of gas to the wide variety of body parts treated according to the client’s size.


The AirJector® device was designed with an indicator identifying the size of the current AirCapsule® to avoid any confusion.



  • AirJector® exclusive AirCovers® enable medical gas treatments to be applied to virtually any part of the body.

RespiDerm® has developed two types of AirCovers®. The Extremity Type AirJector® isolates lower or upper extremities to be treated. The Universal Type AirCover® allows the treatment on virtually any other part of the body.

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Universal Type AirCover® Extremity Type AirCover®


  • Portable AirCapsules® can be used for different applications and environments.

Portability is one of the key features of AirJector®. RespiDerm®, along with leading medical gas and gas cylinder manufacturers and engineers, has developed the disposable AirCapsule® in various portable sizes. Each AirCapsule® size has a matching AirCapsule Clip®, enabling the secure placement of all available AirCapsules® within the one-size-fits-all AirCapsule Housing®. The size of AirCapsule® within the device is clearly identifiable at any given time.

16g 32g
16 g AirCapsule® with matching AirCapsule Clip® 32 g AirCapsule® with matching AirCapsule Clip®


  • AirJector®’s variable gas-steam concentration feature allows application to intact skin and open wounds with dry or hydration features.

The closed setting provides only medical gas, and is used when surface conditioning is not needed. This function is recommended for applications when the surface is moist enough and hydration is not necessary.



The open setting allows steamed medical gas to enter the AirCover® and is used when surface conditioning is needed. This function is recommended for applications when the surface is dry and has lost elasticity and hydration and enhanced medical gas delivery is required.



  • The warm gas-steam mixture creates an ideal environment for enhanced, noninvasive transdermal delivery.

AirJector®’s Mixing AirCup® is filled with warm clean water, or water is heated in the microwave to 80°C–85°C (176°F–185°F). The cool gas molecules mix with the warm water molecules, which provide a gas-steam mixture with an ideal temperature for additional enhancement for medical gas delivery into the skin microcapillaries.


  • The variable gas-release function allows users to regulate and adjust gas release into AirCovers®.

The AirJector® gas release is user controllable during operation. You can AirJect® into AirCover® according to your preference and environmental conditions.


  •  The Airjector® was engineered for frequent commercial use.

Each AirJector® treatment takes 30 to -35 minutes. However, the AirJector® device only needs to be connected to the AirCover® while the medical gas is being delivered, or approximately 1 minute (depending on the size of the AirCapsule® in use and the level of gas release allowed by its operator). This feature allows one AirJector® device to deliver multiple treatments a day.


  • The Airjector® is designed to be maintenance-free.

The various AirJector® parts were designed to be easily detachable and cleanable with household cleaning materials. There are no moving parts to maintain. AirJector® is designed to be durable. That is why we can offer a lifetime warranty.




The following protocol is recommended for the use of EP/USP carbon dioxide applied directly to the wound or otherwise symptomatic site with intact skin:

     ⇒ Use for 30–35 minutes per day (may be repeated twice a day in severe cases).

     ⇒ Repeat for 6 consecutive days.

     ⇒ Skip 1 day.

     ⇒ Repeat cycle until wound is healed.




Visit our treatment providers Sign-Up page if you want to offer the AirJector® therapeutic treatments to your clients by becoming an Authorized Treatment Provider. You may also visit our business services page to learn more about support provided to commercial clients along with The AirJector® technology platform.


If you wish to speak directly with a representative at RespiDerm®, please email us at salessignup@airjector.com or call our US Toll Free number 1-844-AIRJECT (247 5328).

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