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James Stroh MD. Ph.D

Director, Wound and Cardiovascular Care

Preventive Health Center, Nevada, USA “I applied AirJector® non-invasive treatment to many of my patients. Vasodilation can be measures within minutes. The blood velocity increases carrying oxygen to tissue. The general Bohr Effect. Clients stopped needing pain reducers after few treatments during therapy. No side effects were observed. Lower Limb Ischemic wounds in various stages were treated between 40-75 days. The product is easy to use without needing any special skill or training.”

Nishon Petrossian

AirJector® Treatment User

Nevada, USA “I have been receiving AirJector® treatment for two weeks. My blood pressure is back to normal range without the strong blood pressure pills that knock me out for the day. I can do more and the quality of my life is better after applying AirJector® treatment in the mornings. My blood circulation also increased and my heart rate went down. My heart rate on treadmill was 7-10 points lower when I used AirJector® prior to exercise compared to times without applying AirJector® treatment. More energy output without my heart working overdrive, while my red blood cells are cascading through my capillaries with more oxygen affinity. And all this I use natural treatment without chemicals, with no pain, and the cost of treatment I can afford out of pocket even.”

Gohar Azhar M.D.

Co-Director and Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Aging Research

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences , Little Rock, AR USA “The AirJector® product is easy to use and has tremendous benefits to Cardiovascular patients and aging. It is my pleasure to provide you with clinical trials services in support of your clinical trials project”

Professor Endre Varga MD. Ph.D

Director, Department of Trauma Surgery

University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary “Transcutaneous application of carbon dioxides has the following undisputed physiological and therapeutic effects: Rightward shift of oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve, reaction of blood viscosity, dilation of precapillaries, restoration of patency of closed or stenosed capillaries, stimulation of heat and inhibition of cold receptors of the skin, antisepsis.

These effects form the basis for the therapeutic use of carbon dioxide. The following indications are identified as evidence based therapy by prospective controlled clinical studies under blinded conditions: Arterial occlusive disease in all clinical stages I-IV, Microcirculatory disorders of any aetiology, Cerebral insufficiency, Arterial hypertension, Algodystrophy, Pain therapy, Venous incompetency of all stages including venous ulcers, Non-healing skin wounds especially in diabetes mellitus. In these cases CO2 therapy is an alternative to other treatment regimens, including pharmacological or physical therapy surgery or other invasive treatments.”

St. Andrew State Hospital

for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation

Hévízfürdő, Hungary “Opinion: A family member with an average intelligence level can use this apparatus in a home setting to provide effervescent bath treatments for the patient, with the approval of the treating physician. Unsupervised use is not recommended.

Our results are as follows:

· Favorable, rapid and readily visible bubble formation on the skin
· Some extent of blood pressure reduction was experienced in each case as expected from the therapy, as well as reduction of heart complaints.
· Patients and their physicians were equally satisfied with the therapeutic effect.
· We experienced no noticeable difference between the traditional (central distribution) and cartridge-based effervescent baths.
· The use of the apparatus can be easily learned.
· No unexpected or undesirable events occurred.”

Dr. Somi Adrienn

Club Tihany Medical Therapy Unit Tihany, Hungary “Based on experiences with 130 treatments, the patients reported feeling refreshed and in good general condition. Based on the indications, we recommend its usage for cardiovascular and osteoporosis patients, as well as for diseases of the organs of movement complicated with circulatory disorders. We consider the apparatus to be suitable for home treatment.”