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Noninvasive Transdermal Delivery


Noninvasive transdermal delivery of this medical solution is pain-free, rapid, and effective. It offers several advantages, including steady absorption over time, reduced gastrointestinal irritation, and avoidance of hepatic “first-pass” inactivation. AirJector® transdermal delivery technology allows administration of many medical treatments, including ones previously given orally.


RespiDerm® has developed this revolutionary AirJector® technology and therapeutic treatment for delivering medical treatments in gaseous form. Since the skin has a barrier function to prevent entry of foreign substances, gas absorption by the skin can be difficult to achieve. Generally, to induce gas absorption, the skin’s barrier function needs to be temporarily disabled; however, this may cause side effects if not carried out properly.


Heated water steam causes skin pores to loosen. Experiments show the ideal environmental temperature for the skin to absorb gases is between 82°F and 97°F (28°C–36°C). In cases of steam-based gas absorption like AirJector®, this optimal temperature may be as high as 104°F (40°C).


The AirCover®, an important component of AirJector® patented technology and treatment, isolates the symptomatic body part from the environment before the gaseous solution is administered. This creates a completely closed and hygienic environment. Within the AirCover®, the necessary temperature, pressure, and gas concentration is created by the gas/steam mixture delivered from the AirJector® device. The steam in the mixture loosens skin pores, allowing naturally enhanced skin absorption of a highly concentrated solution in a gaseous, aerosolized state.



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