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RespiDerm is primed for strategic partnerships in 2017.


Little Rock, AR—April 5, 2017—RespiDerm announced today an exclusive agreement with Scott Medical Products, a division of Airgas, an Air Liquide company. Tibor Salamon, CEO of RespiDerm, indicated that this agreement is the result of an ongoing relationship between both companies, initiated by Scott Medical Products several years ago when they expressed an interest in working with RespiDerm. RespiDerm was developing its novel noninvasive transdermal medical gas delivery technology, now known as the AirJector® product and therapeutic treatment system. Tom Costello, Business Development Manager of Scott Medical Products, explained, “We have been working out the details of this agreement for over two years.” Mr. Salamon added that the development of RespiDerm’s newest product is hand in glove with some of the internal innovations at Scott Medical Products, improving their mission to continue servicing chronic conditions. “RespiDerm is encouraged about the work Scott Medical is producing. We believe their vast global experience in medical gases and servicing chronic conditions provides a great business platform for the kind of innovation we will be looking for as we continue to expand our markets with AirJector®.”


The AirJector®, the flagship product for RespiDerm, is the first and only noninvasive, safe, handheld, low-risk medical device with approved indications to improve chronic conditions using medical gases. The AirJector® serves as the noninvasive delivery system for various EP/USP medical gases produced in FDA-approved cGMP drug facility in the United States. “AirJector® is the noninvasive syringe for medical gases. No need to painfully and invasively inject liquids into the bloodstream anymore. The same solutions in gaseous state can be delivered into the capillaries without the pain and the invasiveness of the process with AirJector®,” said Mr. Salamon. He continued, “Medical gases are naturally occurring substances with generally low toxicity profiles and provide significant patient and health care practitioner benefits. AirJector® allows medical gases to be part of a general home care regimen one can do to keep cardiovascular system healthy and vital. CIRCULATION IS LIFE, PERIOD.” There is no question: Medical gases are one of the fastest growing segments in the gas industry. Gas companies like Air Liquide and others only needed a safe gas delivery system to apply their proven medical gases to chronic conditions. Collaboration between Scott Medical Products, a division of Airgas, an Air Liquide company, and RespiDerm further strengthens this segment of the industry’s growth by enabling medical gases to be available for the treatment of chronic conditions in everyday health care environments, including home care, clinics, long-term care, sports medicine, and even complementary health care and veterinary medicine.


At a November 2016 European meeting between Scott Medical Products and RespiDerm, H. Schultheiss, Director of Global Sales at Scott Medical Products, said, “Air Liquide has a long history of servicing chronic conditions worldwide. We are doing everything we can to provide the highest quality of approved medical gases in customized cylinders for the AirJector® product to continue servicing treatments for chronic conditions.” The representatives of both RespiDerm and Scott Medical toured a few Hungarian facilities, including CO&CO Communications product, branding, and communication design company and GIAFORM molding, tooling, and manufacturing company.

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