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Elbow Treatment

Elbow injuries often result in the need for rehabilitation. Elbows are critical areas in the overall circulation and healthy functioning of the upper limbs. They can experience joint pain, inflammation, skin rashes, and tissue degeneration, all of which degrade quality of life. To prevent such conditions from developing, the AirJector® exclusive AirCover® delivers treatment directly to the elbows.


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AirJector®'s variable gas-steam concentration feature allows application to intact skin and open wounds when the treated surface is dry.

  • The open setting allows steamed medical gas to enter the AirCover® and is used when surface conditioning is needed. This function is recommended for applications when the surface is dry and has lost elasticity and hydration and enhanced medical gas delivery are required.
  • The closed setting provides only medical gas and is used when surface conditioning is not needed. This function is recommended for applications when the surface is moist enough and hydration is not necessary.


By offering AirJector® Elbow therapeutic treatments in your service portfolio, your practice and/or organization will be on the front end of this new, cutting-edge technology and treatment. You will be able to offer a unique service to prevent and treat elbow-specific circulatory and skin conditions. Treat your clients where the symptom occurs using a safe, proven, noninvasive, pain-free, and cost-effective handheld device and therapeutic treatment.


Visit our FAQ page to learn even more about the AirJector® CO2 treatment, products, and services.

If you are interested in contraindications, precautions, and safety, please visit our Safety and Precautions page.


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